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We are a charity, seeking to educate young people under the topics of Health and Crime. Exploring their decisions, misconceptions and experiences, to positively enhance their futures.

At Let's Get Talking we work directly with young people in many places such as Schools and Youth Clubs, currently we are working our way through London delivering resources and workshops to the most in-need areas. We are an expert medium for exploring adolescent issues, this is achieved by a method of learning conversation and discussion without pressure.


Being a charitable organisation we bear no ties with schools or authorities, making young people feel confident and comfortable when speaking and conversing with us and among themselves, no judgements are made and conversation, no matter how sensitive, is allowed to be freely spoken about.


The charity was established in 2012 by our founder Sue Scott-Horne. 


Sue started out in education some 30 years ago working in Islington Youth Service as deputy head of social education, covering topics including: Identity, Drugs Awareness, Smoking, Interview Skills, Presenting Yourself and working with local gangs around Self Responsibility, Making Decisions and Consequences. Sue has also worked in Children’s Care Homes as a residential care worker.


Throughout her successful passionate career she has taught focused, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) sessions at several Islington schools including Mount Carmel Girls, St. Aloysius, and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson.

In addition Sue has been Tutor in Charge at Holloway Youth Centre, Battlebridge Youth Centre, and a Youth Worker in Charge in various inner city Youth clubs - focusing on curriculum development programmes for young people. In her post of Deputy Head PSHE she supported many youth projects and clubs in Islington with their curriculum programmes.

Sue designs Award-Winning education materials which are available now in our resources shop. Sue is also a Freeman of the City of London, a member of the Worshipful Company of Educators and is proud to be a board member of BAWE (British Asssociation of Women Entrepreneurs), a presitigious organisation. 

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