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Thank you for visiting our site.

You may have reached us today looking for information about young peoples' mental or
behavioural health. We understand the struggle of working with, or parenting children or teenagers whose health is suffering and you are investigating how you can help.

Our Award-Winning Discussion Packs are designed, printed and published by us and cover some of the most important topics during a young person's life.

These resources are the key, helping you to unlock conversation with young people about difficult subjects with ease, allowing you a special ability to glimpse inside the mind and understand their mindsets, attitudes and thoughts.


We use all of our Discussion Packs in our Programmes across London

Our Knife Crime Pack is used in every Probation Service office in London

We have sold over 5,000 packs, all over the United Kingdom and beyond

We are a charity, meaning our income is re-invested into young people


 Discussion Packs 

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